Letters Home

Dear Mom and Dad, camp sucks! Get me outta here….

Okay, maybe camp doesn’t suck. At least Brand Camp doesn’t suck and you know what? Here are some other folks that don’t think we suck.

“Geoff is very accessible and so, so helpful. I found out about him from a friend and he immediately agreed to meet with me. His ideas were in exact alignment with what I knew I should be doing with my business. And once I applied what he said, it started to grow! I cannot thank Geoff enough for his attention to detail and creative brilliance”! – Lesley Lotto, Owner, Remote News Service

“Geoff has been instrumental in providing marketing and strategic ideas to the development of VIM & VIGR. His extensive knowledge in marketing has helped us to develop our initial targets and refine and focus our launch tactics. Geoff’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I learn something every time I interact with him.

Throughout the growth of VIM & VIGR, Geoff continues to be a great sounding board for ideas and strategy. Not only does Geoff have a strong depth of experience but he also has significant breadth, ranging from the healthcare sector to the outdoor apparel industry. He is able to leverage those experiences in providing sound and well thought-out ideas to any business sector. Whether it’s a mature business or start-up, I highly recommend Geoff to assist with any marketing needs. I have no doubt that he will be able to add significant value immediately.” – Michelle Huie, Founder, VIM & VIGR

“I have worked with Geoff for several years now– he is remarkably able to bridge creativity and business savvy. His ability to form partnerships is what sets him apart. His ideas are smart. His execution is even better. Geoff is one of my favorite people to work with because I know the product will be remarkable and the process will be enjoyable.” – Elke Govertsen, Publisher, Mamalode

“What’s the best part of working with Geoff? His enthusiasm is 100% contagious. He truly cares about every project he takes on and his excitement about the assignment makes for a fun ride. In this fast-paced business, as projects come and go, Geoff also takes the time to say thank you. He is a gracious leader and consistently recognizes his team for a job well done.” – Laura Churchman, Copywriter/Marketing and Communications Manager

“Between his humor, rests his professional, realistic and curious nature. Geoff brings a human element to the set which helps give an authentic quality to the work we have created together.”  – Athena Lonsdale, Athena Photography (commercial photographer)

“Geoff Peddicord is a solid co-conspirator, creative leader. Unmatched enthusiasm and energy, concise direction, best partner ever. I am pleased that he and I work together, as we have for many years. Marketing and Public Relations specialist. Sharp as ever. Social, print, broadcast, outdoor, he does it all, and consistently creates marketing solutions that fit the brand and hit the demographic perfectly. Together, with his team, we have created and produced multiple award-winning materials in the healthcare field.” – David Pavelka, Graphic Designer/Art Director

“Geoff is undoubtedly one of the most creative professionals I’ve ever worked with. When I’m at a creative loss… Geoff is my go to guy! In addition to that, he has an excellent understanding of business, the art of negotiation and is always results driven. There’s no task to difficult for my associate and friend, Geoff Peddicord!” – Dawn Maddux, Owner, Maddux Media, Maddux Real Estate


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