Welcome Campers

Welcome to Brand Camp. It’s a new day here, and like being a kid on the first day of summer camp, there’s a lot of fun things that are about to happen. Of course, like on the first day of summer camp you may be a little nervous, asking yourself, “Who are these people? Why did my parents send me here? Why are these counselors so “happy” all the time and will I really enjoy myself when I’m done with this experience?”

So what is Brand Camp? Brand Camp is a place where anyone in business or beyond can come to learn about the basic and sometimes not so basic principles and ideas behind marketing and branding. Providing something as simple as “Marketing Tips” is a way that we can share real world marketing tactic and brand insights we’ve gained from personal experience. We have fun when we’re pushing our “Campers” beyond their comfort zone and watching them sweat. It means we’re taking their brand, message and identity to a higher level and ultimately, in the right direction.


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4 thoughts on “Welcome Campers”

  1. [Insert favorite summer camp anthem here!]
    I am happy to be your camper! Congrats, [insert camp name here]!
    Erin “Grin” (Walsh) Malland 😉

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