Marketing tip #2 – Take their temperature.

Wanna know what your customers think about you in real time? Ask them. That’s right, post something like this on your Facebook page: “Hey Fans, we want your feedback. Good or bad or both. How are we doing? How do you like doing business with us and what can we change to make your experience dealing with us better? What’s the best experience you’ve had with us? What’s the worst experience you’ve had us with? Please respond below. Posting selfies are optional.”

Next, go to your “Ads Manager” and pay $50 to promote this post to your “Fans.” Sit back and watch in real time what people think about you. In the end, it helps you build a better customer experience and that’s what it’s all about. Here’s the brand takeaway: businesses that are transparent in their efforts to create a better customer experience are deemed to be more approachable and authentic in the minds of their customers.   


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